Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Understanding, Designing, and Implementing Big Data Solutions in Azure


I am writing this blog post to point to an important published article from Microsoft Patterns and Practices Team on understanding, designing and implementing Big Data Solution on Windows Azure using HDInsight.

Want to know what is big data ? what is being used for ? Do you have a need for it ? what is the best scenarios to think about adopting to big data tools?
The answer for these questions are covered under the first section of Understanding Big Data on below link:

Second section of this article is covering how to design a scalable big data solutions in Azure platform using HDInsight. Would you use big data to explore your data and extract patterns, Apply BI techniques, Build ETL integration tools, Automation data processes all are covered on below link:

Third section of this article is covering how to using Azure as PaaS to implement your Big Data Solution using HDInsight including how to provision your first Hadoop cluster node and all required configurations for storing your big data files, build end-to-end solutions and visualizing your data:

Hope this helps!