Friday, August 26, 2011

Error occurred in deployment step 'Activate Features': 0x800700570 0

Hi Folks,

While i was developing a feature receiver in SharePoint 2010, I was trying to deploy my solution using VS 2010 and i was getting this error:

Error occurred in deployment step 'Activate Features': 0x800700570 0

And this happens actually when VS 2010 was trying to activate the feature, So i expected the problem from the Feature receiver i have that has code in "FeatureActivated" method. so, to be able to debug your feature receiver and exactly point the problem which throws the error while activating your feature, Do the following:

On your SharePoint Project, From Solution Explorer, Open project properties and change the following:
Active Deployment Configuration from Default to No Activation.

The point behind this, the feature will be deployed but not activated. So, you will be able to deploy and the debugger process is attached in VS then when you start activating the feature you will start debugging your feature receiver and fix the issue that you have in your code.

Hope this helps.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How to Open/Close Modal Dialogs in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 comes with a new modal dialogs feature that allows you to Open Modal windows from you application pages or ribbons. In this post i will highlight on how to open and close Modal Dialogs in SharePoint 2010.

If you have an Application page and you want to open up a modal dialog this is what you want to write in JavaScript using COM (Client Object Model) :

In your page, Add the following button to open modal dialog:

input onclick="openPopup();" title="Open Modal" type="button" value="Open Modal Dialog"

On you Page Head "PlaceHolderAdditionalPageHead" content add the following JavaScript function implementation "openPopup":

function openPopup() {
var options = {
url: '/_layouts/MYSPDemo/DialogPage.aspx',
title: 'Modal Dialog',
allowMaximize: false,
showClose: true,
width: 600,
height: 500


DialogPage is an application Page in your solution as specified above, Now try to deploy you solution and click on your button, your application page is showing as modal dialog... THIS IS AWESOME !!

To close you modal window, this is the line you need to add on you cancel or close button on your page:

SP.UI.ModalDialog.commonModalDialogClose(SP.UI.DialogResult.cancel, "Cancelled");

Hope this helps, To get the full documentation for ModalDialog using Client Object model, here is the KB url:

Mostafa Arafa

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Building PPS solutions in SharePoint 2010

Hi All,

During giving my session in SharePoint "The Conference" in DC, I provided some few links for my attendees that helps them to start working with PerformancePoint Services in SharePoint 2010.

To start working with SharePoint 2010 that has SP 2010, Office 2010, SQL 2008 & Project Server 2010.

There is an Information Worker VM to start working with PPS in SharePoint 2010:

To get a started with SQL2008 experience and BI, here is a training kit to start working with BI:

Mostafa Arafa

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Fix It: The query could not complete because the data source is not in a performancePoint trusted location

Hi Folks,

If you are running PPS Dashboards and reports in your BI center site and when you are trying to view your dashboard/scorecards/reports and you have got this error:

" The query could not complete because the data source is not in a performancePoint trusted location"

The cause of this error is:
1) You system admin only listed specific trusted data sources in your farm.
To adjust this by adding your data connection library that is being used by your dashboard, do the following:
- Open central adminstration.
- Click on Manage service applications.
- Click on PerformancePoint service Application.
- Click on Trusted Data Source Locations, You will see "Only Specific Location" is selected and your data connection library is not listed
- Add your Data Connection library to the list, for example:
- Click on validate icon to make sure that you are putting a valid path.
- Click on Ok.
- Refresh your dashboard,scorecards or reports and everything will start working again.

Hope this helps.

Mostafa Arafa

Enable Non-Business Intelligence Center Sites with BI capabilities in SharePoint 2010

Hi Folks,

I'm getting questions about how to enable BI PerformancePoint features on Non-Business Intelligence Center Sites in SharePoint 2010. To enable PPS BI features in other SharePoint 2010 site templates, please do the followings:

1) Navigate to the site you would like to add PPS BI features to it.
2) From Site Settings --> Click on Site Settings.
3) Under Site Collection Administration, Click on Site Collection features.
4) Enable the following features:
a) PerformancePoint services Site Collection Features.
b) SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure.
c) SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection Features.
Note: You should have Enterprise SharePoint License to enable PPS BI Features in your farm, These features are not available in Standard or SPF editions.

Now, you prepared your site to use PPS features in SharePoint 2010.

Navigate to SharePoint home page and click on libraries, and click on create you will be able to see/select "PerformancePoint Data Connection" library that you use to store PPS data connections.
After creating the library, do the following:
1) Select library settings.
2) Click on Add from existing site content types and select "PeformancePoint Data Source" from the list under PerformancePoint Group.
3) We want to set PP data source to be the default content type for this library, so on library settings page click on "Change new button order and default content type" link and select PP DS.

4) Navigate to the list and click on New Document, select "PP Data Connection", PPS designer will be launched and you will be able to configure your data source and store it in the library.

Tip: Just notice that the items in data connection library has an approval workflow, Make sure to approve newly created data connections.

Happy SharePointing !!

Mostafa Arafa

SharePoint Saturday "The Conference" DC 2011

Hi Folks,

We would like to share with all SharePointers who are willing to attend the SharePoint Saturday The Conference DC from 11th-13th August 2011 please register right now and check out the list of all sessions by SharePoint Experts, MCM, MVPs and Industry Information Worker (IW)

This is the biggest SharePoint Saturday event; In addition to the lineup of great speakers/sessions; the event will have workshops that deliver hands-on experience to the attendees.

What's different about SPSTC DC :
A community-focused, educational event filled with sessions from respected SharePoint professionals and executives covering a wide range of technical and business topics.

Where ?

Northern Virginia Community College

Annandale Campus, Annandale, VA

(Visit the website here.)

I will deliver a session under Dev/ITPro track with title :

Building BI solutions using Performance Point Services in SharePoint 2010
Speaker(s): Mostafa Elzoghbi
Session Level: 300
Session Type: IT Pro / Developer
In this session I will cover PPS architecture & design fundamentals in SP 2010 and how to build BI solutions using SharePoint 2010 BI Center, BIDS, and Report Builder 3.0 with different data sources using DBs and Cubes. In addition to build, design, deploy Custom SSRS Reports within SharePoint. Tips in Configuring PPS application service in SharePoint 2010 and Reporting Services in SharePoint 2010.
A demo driven session to create custom KPIs, Scorecards, Custom Reports and Dashboards.

For more information, check out the website:

See you all there !!

Mostafa Arafa