Thursday, April 12, 2007

System.Data.OracleClient Requires Oracle Client version 8.1.7 or greater

Hi Geeks,

If you developed .Net Applications with Oracle Backend,you may face this problem if you installed Oracle Client Version 9.1.x or greater,when you try to connect to Oracle DB you will get this error :
"System.Data.OracleClient Requires Oracle Client version 8.1.7 or greater"

simply it is not a code problem,it is a securtiy issue,to fix it simply do the following :

1- Go to the Oracle Client folder.
2- Right Click on the folder.
3- On security Tab, Add "Aithenticated Users" and give this account Read & Execute permission.

4- Apply these security for all folders,Subfolders and Files (IMPORTANT).

5- DON't Forget to REBOOT your Machine,if you forgot to do this you will still face the same problem unless you restart your machine.

Happy .Netting with Oracle.

Moustafa arafa


Unknown said...

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Osama Naeem said...

Thanks Mostafa for the great post

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You are most welcome.

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Sorry for my bad english. Thank you so much for your good post. Your post helped me in my college assignment, If you can provide me more details please email me.

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thank you. This worked for me.

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