Sunday, December 16, 2007

How to enable Search on your MOSS 2007 Site

Hi Folks,

If you want to Enable Search facility on your sharepoint 2007 site,follow these steps:

Go to the Site Settings and under Site Administration Click on Seach Visibility Link.

Update the seetings as shown on the attached image.

even after you enable the search visibility on your site and if you start search for a keyword on your site pages it will not work until the Crawling process will be run.

What's the story of Search Crawling in MOSS 2007 ?

There is a Crawling Service running on all Sharepoint conent pages to index all content,if you start your search for a new added content before the crawling process start by including the new content on its schedule,you will not get your search results.

The Question is : How can i Configure My Crawling process on MOSS 2007 ?

Open your central administration site: click on Share Services link under Share Services Administration.

Click on Search Settings -> Content Sources and Crawl Schedules -> Edit the Content Source which is exist.

Update your crawling services as you want and as per your organization needs.

Hope this helps....

Moustafa arafa


Sira said...

Awesome thanks Moustafa!!!

Any commands I need to run after doing a full crawl of my Sharpoint 2007 Site?

PN- South Africa

Sira said...

Awesome thanks Moustafa!!!

Any commands I need to run after doing a full crawl of my Sharpoint 2007 Site?

PN- South Africa

Moustafa El-Zoughby said...

No,it will wok fine after the Full Crawl ill be finished.

Hope this helps.

Feel free to contact for any helpe :).

meenu said...

ya it worked for me..thanx a lot :-)

sab said...

How to enable the search feature for all users in sharepoint server 2007?

Moustafa El-Zoughby said...

Once you configured the sharepoint site by enabling the search criteria this will be available for all users based on their security permissions.

In SharePoint the data is trimmed based on the user associated groups.

Sab said...


Is it possible to create a subsite with the project name as the subsite title whenever I add a new project to the Projects List and should provide a hyperlink to the site created in the column of the project view .

Can you please provide some related links to implement this.


Sirisha said...

Hey Mustafa.. I have tried what you mentioned in your blog. but I am still unable to view the search results.

I did make sure the search results page was set right.

Is there any other setting?

Moustafa El-Zoughby said...

Make sure the crawling has been completed before testing the search.

Nothing to be tested other than this.

shabana said...

If we disable Idexing for any reason, then is it possible to get the search result in MOSS.

Pls reply.


Mostafa M. Arafa Elzoghbi said...

No you will not be able to get any new search results, the purpose of indexing is to crawl the new data on the portal and store it in a searchable format.

hope this helps.

Dobin Fernandes said...


i have enabled search and its visible on my orangesinglelevel template. I can search only if i am logged in. How can i enable anonymous search for my website users just like these sharepoint websites or

...any step by step tutorial would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Mostafa M. Arafa Elzoghbi said...

This is a MSDN article on how to configure search service in SharePoint 2007: