Saturday, January 16, 2010

SharePoint Saturday Event - EMEA - 23 Jan

This is just a quick update to tell you I will be posting the speaker/session schedule for Live Online SharePoint Saturday EMEA on January 23rd later this week. We are going to have at least two channels running at once, possibly three.
We've got over 350 people registered, 6 Microsoft MVPs speaking, and 21 presentations! I would appreciate it if you would share/forward this post to three colleagues telling them about this free, live online event.
I'd love to see the registrations go over 1000.

Event Home:
List of Speakers:
List of Sessions:

This looks like it's going to turn out to be one of the largest live online events we've ever seen for SharePoint.

Thank you for your participation in spreading the word.

Download my presentation :

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All sessions recording:

Thanks Mark Miller -EUSharepoint for your efforts.