Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Can't see Site collection features in SharePoint 2010

Hi All,

If you are trying to find out "site collection features" link in the site setting page in sharepoint 2010 and you couldn't find out the site administration section at all this is because the logged in user doesn't have a permission as a site collection administrator, open central administration site:

1) Select application management tab.
2) Click on change site collection administrators link under site collection tab.
3) add your self as site collection administrator.
4) refresh the site settings page and you will see all site collection administration section.

Hope this helps.

Mostafa arafa


Unknown said...

Hey Mostafa, I made myself the administrator of the site collection but I still don't see a "site collection features" option in my central admin site.

Where exactly is it supposed to be located at? Central > Application > Site Collections?

Thanks for the post

Unknown said...

First change the configuration as mentioned on the central administrations.

To change any site collection configuration, from your top level site collection site - > site actions - > site settings you will find site collection administration section.

Let me know if you have any issues.

Unknown said...

Hey thanks for the reply, I went back and made sure I was the admin of the site collection before checking site settings. But I don't see a "site collection features" option there either.

Unknown said...

if you added yourself to the site collection administrator in the central administration, the only possible scenario that you are logging with different user on the top level site.

You might have the same username with 2 different domains, such as:

Make sure the username that you added is the same one that you logged in on the top level site.

Hope this helps.

SANJAY said...

Thanks it helped me.