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Study Material Notes for Programming HTML5 and CSS 3 Microsoft Exam

Hi Folks,

I got a free voucher from Microsoft for programming HTML 5 and CSS 3 Exam. I studied and reviewed online video materials and i want to share with you my study notes and hope this will be helpful for passing the exam. Congratulations in advance for everyone!.

My Notes:

  1. Use accepts:'application/bin,text/xml' to accepts only XML and binary content in HTML responses.
  2. Use the following condition to check if the html response content is binary: If(request.getResponseHeader("Content-Type")=="application/bint"
  3. To show the status of upload is displayed in the progress bar:Xhr.upload.onprogress=
  4. To support 2 way communication between a web page and a worker role, implement the following:
    1. From the main page, use onmessage event handler of the web worker to capture events.
    2. From the web worker, use the onmessage event handler of the main page to capture events.
  5. Standard-complaint screen readers must be able to identify the links contained within the navigation structure automatically: Use semantic markup.
  6. Use appendChild to add a control in DOM document.
  7. To extend a class with a method you should use prototype keyword as follows: Customer.prototype.GetCommission() = funct() {…}
  8. If you want an input control to allow only numeric values, use the following:    type="number"
  9. To pass objects between web page and web worker you can use: JSON,String and JavaScript types.
  10. To register an event listener for the web worker use addEventListenr and to stop a web worker use: self.close();
  11. Anchor selector order:  a:link --> a:visted --> a:hover --> a:active
  12. Use Figure semantic markup to include image and its caption using figcaption markup.
  13. To store user's information you can use: localStorage to get or set  user's data.
  14. To write a code to throw an error: throw new Error("Invalid",200)
  15. To show @ in the email address for a submitted form,   Use: str=$("form").serialize() ;         str=decodeUriComeponent(str);
  16. Apply styles from highest to lowest priority: 
    1. User agent style sheets
    2. Author normal style sheets
    3. Author important style hseets
    4. User normal style sheets
    5. User important style sheets
  17. To make sure that the advertisement section on the right most of the page use:
  18. To handle automatically each time the request status change use xhr.onreadstatechange
  19. Catch specific error number by using e.number and not e.message
  20. To use text-transform in CSS, you should use captalize  semantic tag.
  21. You need to group page content together to maximize search engine readability use article semantic markup.
  22. When  you want the inner paragraph exactly far from the outer paragraph, then you should use Relative.
  23. To show JSON confirmation number in a label: $("#txtValue").text(JSONObject.Confirmation);
  24. To show text around an image is showing in the center of the page use: -ms-wrap-side: both
  25. Use header to apply css or classes to different heading markup such as: H1,H2
**Videos - Jump start from Microsoft Virtual academy:

Good Luck, Feel free to drop a line with any feedback you would like to add.

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