Thursday, June 13, 2013

How to set parameters' values to SSIS packages


This post to walkthrough step-by-step how to pass parameters to a SSIS package.
Usually you have set of parameters and you want to set the values at run time before the package runs.

The methodology that i will implement in this post, is to export the parameters that i want to set from an XML file by defining the SSIS configuration file using Visual Studio BIDS 2008/2010 or SQL Data tools.

Let's say, you have a SSIS package with a parameter called @myParameter, Here is how to setup the configuration file for the SSIS so we can pass it when the package runs.

1) Open yout SSIS package.
2) Right click after you open the package and select on "Package Configurations".


3) Set the configuration file name and click on Next button.

4) Under Variables node, select the parameter name "@myParameter" you want to export to the configuration file, then click on Next button.
5) Write a name for the configuration and click on next.
6) The VS BIDS will create a XML file with the exported parameter properties.
7) open "TestPackage.dtsConfig" using the notepad and set the value property for the exported parameter.
8) Change the value of the parameter value in the dtsConfig and then save the file.
9) Run your package and the SSIS package will get the updated value from the xml file.

Hope this helps.


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