Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Sorry, Something went wrong when deploying WCF service in SharePoint 2013


While i was developing a RESTful WCF Service that is targeting SharePoint 2013 using VS 2013, I was getting the following "White" error page when i access the WCF service after deploying my project in VS 2013.

As shows in the above screen shot, The error is related to getting and loading the right assembly for my WCF service class type, I know the GUID in my WCF class is matching the GUID in the svc file. But what is the problem ?

I found out that the solution for this problem is SharePoint doesn't accept the upper case letters in the GUID.

This was my GUID:  CDCC536B-37BB-4CC3-BF20-263AB66926D5

I changed the GUID by replacing the upper case characters to lower case characters in the Service class and in the SVC file, then save and deploy! It works!

Happy SharePointing!

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