Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Are You Fit for Technical or Management Role ?

Dear My Blog Reader,

This post is not related to the technology or related to the development,but i want by this post to show some unclear points which all of us were met in our work environment.

i met alot of developers or IT staff who don't know are they fit for technical or management position? it's hard for them to know ? since they haven't been directed by on of the professional management staff,it's not their problem since they didn't study or read or even the environment let them to know these things.

I want to mention some messages to all readers:

1- Management isn't for everyone.
2- You have to ask oyur self these questions :
* Do I want to control more technical decisions?
* Am I interesting in fixing technical problems than people problem ?

if your answer is yes,then you will be more comfortable in a technical leadership role that mangement role.

3- You have to ask oyur self these questions :
* Do I like working with people ?
* Do I like Coaching and monitoring people?
* Am I willing to learn how to provide feedback and have diffuclt conversation with people ?

if you answer is yes,this you will be fit to play a management role even now or in the future.

4- Set with your manager and share your ideas and thoughts about all your activities and your vision to your department.

Tell me your feedback ? what do you think ?

Moustafa arafa

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