Wednesday, August 08, 2007

OneWay Operation in WCF

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This post is showing one of the key important features available on WCF as a unified Communication platform,as a .net developer you can read this post and understand the changes and theu pdates that have been done on the WCF.

Simply,WCF is to create WCF Services,these services can be consumed or used by client app.

if you are familiar with Web services,you can understand the idea of this post wich is the OneWay Operation in WCF.

simply Operation is your service or function in your service;since your service can have more than operation .

What does "OneWay operation WCF " ? it means when the client try to consuem oyur service,it doesnt need to wait to get the respornse of the service.

this is cool,this means that it gives the same behavior of the asynchronous call on Web Services;but since we have more than 1 way to implement Asynch Call in the WCF;this one of the options.

How to mark your operation as a OneWay Service

[OperationContract(IsOneWay = true)]
void MyOperation(string id);

Cons :

The OneWay Operation has to be Void and you cant return any value or even valyes by ref or out parameters.

Tip : in case you choose your operation as a oneway operation,dont forget to put the Receive and Ope Time out properties on the Binding Information of the WCF service.

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