Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Secure your Website by using NoBot Control on asp.Net Ajax

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Today i have used one of the important controls on ajax framework which secure my website/Application from automated attacks on your websites in away to hack your application without any human interaction.

NoBot is a control that attempts to provide CAPTCHA-like bot/spam prevention without requiring any user interaction. This approach is easier to bypass than an implementation that requires actual human intervention, but NoBot has the benefit of being completely invisible. NoBot is probably most relevant for low-traffic sites where blog/comment spam is a problem and 100% effectiveness is not required.

NoBot employs a few different anti-bot techniques:

1)Forcing the client's browser to perform a configurable JavaScript calculation and verifying the result as part of the postback.
2)Enforcing a configurable delay between when a form is requested and when it can be posted back.

NoBot can be tested by violating any of the above techniques: posting back quickly, posting back many times, or disabling JavaScript in the browser.

add it on your application and secure it by checking on NotBot status and add your custom behavior for catching website spams.

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Moustafa arafa

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