Wednesday, July 07, 2010

WebMatrix and RAZOR for web development with no cost

Hi All,

Microsoft released the WebMatrix platform (FREE) that has all you need to build any websites, with WebMatrix you can do:
1) Design your websties.
2) Develop/Deploy your websites using RAZOR: is a new declarative simple language to build your websites.
3) Platform support ASP.NET, WebForms, MVC, AJAX, CSS and all the power of .NET Framework.
4) It’s just 15 M to download.
5) It includes IIS Express, SQL Compact,.NET Framework runtime and all you need to develop websites.
6) Scale up your sites to VS 2010 and SQL Server 2008 if required.
7) Download and build websites on open source CMS such as Word Press, Drupal 7, PHP and MySQL.
8) More….

Get a quick tour:

Code without boundaries using WebMatrix and start developing websites with no cost for the tools :)

Mostafa Arafa

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