Friday, November 02, 2012

Getting Started Windows 8 Store Apps Resources

Hi Folks,

I'm writing this post to share the resources that every software engineer or developer needs to get started with Windows 8 Store App development.

First, Before heading out and install Development resources (SDK) to start playing and exploring with windows 8 store app tools looks like. here is some sites you need to read to have a basic understanding about windows 8 store apps principles, design and concepts:

1) Windows Store Apps development center:
This site is the main site that contains all materials you want to get or read about Windows Store Apps design and development.

2) First document i suggest to read, Windows 8 Product Guide for Developers, find it here:

3) Spend some time understanding the API reference for Win Store apps using JavaScript, C#,C++ or VB.NET:
This source shows how to use,understand & explore Windows 8 API using different programming languages. Using C# or JavaScript to build HTML Store Apps is different than using Traditional JavaScript in some manner.

4) Get some basic understanding of Metro Style Store apps guidelines and principles:
Even if you are not a designer, it is crucial to have basic understanding of designing Views and pages.

After the previous four steps, you should be able to build your development box with Windows 8,VS 2012 Express, Blend and SQL 2012 Express, so you proceed to the following resources.
Downloads link:

5) Getting started with development tutorials:
Get some samples, tutorials to get dirty hands working with VS 2012, Blend and All windows Store necessary tools to get up to speed in development.

Since I'm a C# guy, here is the Get Started Development resources for C# Developers:

Once you reach this step, you should be able to build your first windows store app. now the time for deployment/licensing and selling your application.

6) Selling you application:
Get to know the available markets, languages and how to get paid.

I will keep updating this post as i find good resources to read  for early adopters!

Hope this helps,

Mostafa E.

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