Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Easily construct Outlook Group Connector JSON messages in C#

Hi All,

If you are building an Outlook Group Connector that you are spending a lot of time writing JSON message & specifying different schema elements and attributes to be able to build a canvas that looks like this below figure, so i got good news for you!

I got your back and published an Outlook Group Connector SDK ver. 1.1 nuget package that includes tons of extension methods and features that helps your easily build your JSON payload message.

How to send a message in C# to a group:

                Message message = new Message()
                    summary = "This is the subject for the sent message to an outlook group",
                    title = msg
                message.AddFacts("Facts", facts);
                message.AddImages("Images", images);
                message.AddAction("check details here", "");

                var result = await message.Send(webhookUrl);

GitHub Code and Sample links:

1) GitHub Repo for SDK and Samples apps including console & web apps (link).
2) NuGet package that has been published to use it in your apps (link) or search for "Office365ConnectorSDK" in VS 2015.

Hope this helps.

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