Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Building Big Data Solutions using Hadoop in Azure

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Today i am at New York City presenting how to build data solutions in Azure. The presentation is focused on the underling technologies and tools that are needed to build big data solutions.

The session also covers the following:

1) What HDInsight cluster offers in hadoop ecosystem technology stack.
2) HDInsight cluster tiers and types.
3) HDInsight developer tools in Visual Studio 2015.
4) Working with HBase databases and Hive View.
5) Building, Debugging and Deploying Storm Apps.
6) Working with Spark clusters.

Session Title: Building Big Data Solutions in Azure.

Session Details:
The session covers how to get started to build big data solutions in Azure. Azure provides different Hadoop clusters for Hadoop ecosystem. The session covers the basic understanding of HDInsight clusters including: Apache Hadoop HDFS, HBase, Storm and Spark. The session covers how to integrate with HDInsight in .NET using different Hadoop integration frameworks and libraries. The session is a jump start for engineers and DBAs with RDBMS experience who are looking for a jump start working and developing Hadoop solutions. The session is a demo driven and will cover the basics of Hadoop open source products.

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