Monday, December 29, 2008

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) in Visual Studio 2008

Hi All,

A wonderful series of webcasts for managing application lifecycle in VS 2008, this series contains 4 webcasts each cover one role in SDLC activities.

If you are familiar with VS team system 2005, this series covers a little bit new features which shipped with VS 2008.

If you are not familiar with VS2005 or VS 2008 Team suite capabilities, then these webcasts are really a MUST good start to you.

The best is to watch all of them, but if you are playing a specific role in the application lifecycle, you can jump to the specific role which you play in your company as I will describe below.

Web cast 1: covers Business analyst and project manager roles
Including: Tasks, Different Reports, Code churn Report, bugs report, Qos(Quality of Service) document and Requirements, Persona, MSF and CMMI methodologies.

Webcast 2: covers Architect role
Including: Application designer, system designer, logical data center designer & Top-Down Design

Webcast 3: covers Developer role
Including: code analysis, code analysis configuration and code matrix.

Webcast 4: covers Tester role
Including: Load, Unit, Manual, Web, Generic and Orders tests in VS 2008

Happy New Year for all and Happy New Hijri Year for all muslims.

See you all next year since this is the last post for this year 2008 :)

Mostafa arafa

Thursday, December 25, 2008

super & base keywords in Java and C#

Hi folks,

Nowadays i'm doing some programming in java,and since all of you know each of these languages are close to each other, I was implementing a class diagram i have done it on class designer in VS 2008.

I had the following inheritance case : a parent class called Publication and a dervied class called Book from publication.

I want in this post to highlight the difference to call the parent class from the derived class in java vs. C#,this is very useful for C# developers if they are reading any java code or vice versa.

If you try to implement the following: the derived class constructor is calling the parent class constructor the code in java and C# will be as follows:

// Java Code :

public class Publication
public Publication(String title)
public class Book extends Publication
public Book(String title,String ISBN)
//super means the constructor of book will pass title to the publication constructor (Parent).

// C# Code :

public class Book
public Book(string title, string issueNo) : base(title)
{ // base means the title parameter will be passed to the parent class constructor.
this.issueNo = issueNo;

base and super keywords in c# and java are doing the same functionality by calling the parent class constructor in this case.

base and super used to refer to the parent class in general.

Hope this tip be useful.

Mostafa arafa

Monday, December 22, 2008

Get Started with SharePoint Development...

Hi All,

For .Net Experienced developers a good resource to start SharePoint Development,here is the link :

Also, ebook for free "Getting Started with Sharepoint" ,Download link:

Mostafa arafa

Saturday, December 06, 2008

New useful tool to prepare your web server or development machine

Hi All,

We used when we want to install any software for our web servers or any of our development machine is to read alot of KBs article how to install .Net Framewort 3.5,SQL 2005 express edition...etc. and it was a long process you have to have your DVDs or download it from your partnet account website,then start your software installtion process.

Microsoft has released a new wonderful tool,to prepare all required software for installations on your machine,it shows you all available SW based on your machine OS and architecture (32 or 64bit ) and make it available on a list.

The new tool called "Web platform installer",and you can download it from the following link:

This tool should be used by .net web developers who prepare their web server or system admins.

The tool has alot of sensitive tools and updates,the person who use it should be aware about the tools and the conflict that might happen.

I have used it and it's pretty easy and fast :).

Mostafa arafa