Wednesday, May 30, 2007

MS Process Editor Bug !!

Hi All,

This post i will show a bug in MS Process Editor, When you try to customize the Process (Workitems Types,Iteration,.....etc) when you try to create a new project with it,you will get an error,this error will be customized based on the customized portion in yur process:
1) Iteration Error or
2)Tasks Error or
3)Work Type Error.

if you want to produce this error ,Do the following:

1) Open Your process.

2) Delete and modify the existing iterations.

3) Upload your Modified Process.

4) Try to create a project using this Process Template,and you will get this error :

Click on the Log File,The first exception is :

---begin Exception entry---Time: 2007-05-30 11:50:22ZModule: Work Item TrackingEvent Description: TF26214: Cannot save the work item. Fields with errors: Iteration Path,IterationIDException Type: Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client.ValidationExceptionException Message: TF26202: Validation failed. Field 'Iteration Path' not supported.Stack Trace: at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client.WorkItem.PreValidate() at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client.WorkItem.PreBatchSave() at Microsoft.TeamFoundation.WorkItemTracking.Client.BatchSaveHelper.BatchSave(WorkItem[] items)--- end Exception entry ---

The Fix for this problem, The Editor doesn't change the other files which use the old values and when the TFS try to create the project it searchs for the old values which is not exist on the updated xml file.

This error usually happens on the "workitems.xml" which conatains a default tasks for each project,if you see the below work item :

Iteration 0"/>

Iteration value is wrong which makes this problem happen when you create new project in the TFS.

You might face the problem with Other customized items on the TFS.

Hope this helps.

Moustafa arafa

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Deploy AJAX ASP.NET Application

Hi Folks,

when you try to deply AJAX ASP.Net application make sure ofthe following :

1) on IIS,the web site select 2.0.

2) on IIS,Make sure the Execute Permssion under Home Directory tab is Scripts Only.

3) AJAX Runtime should be installed on the production since it doesn't contains the extedability dlls used by ajax such as System.Web.Extensions.dll.

see the below error if you didnt install the AJAX Runtime on the production.

Moustafa arafa

Enable ATLAS/AJAX on your ASP.Net 2.0 Application

Hi Folks,

In This post i want to change the type of my posts by submitting ASP.NET post instead of long period of TS posts ;),I will describe the steps you need to enable AJAX on an Existing ASP.Net 2.0 application not a new ASP.NET AJAX Enable Application.

In Case you want to enable AJAX on your existing 2.0 application,first you have to install ajax 1.0 extensions from website,the download link:

Then after install it,do the following steps :

1) Add reference to ajax control kit DLL file to your project "AjaxControlToolkit.dll",you can find it once you install the Toolkit on the Sample Website on the installation path.

2) Very Important : Change your web.config since your project will not work,copy & paste the sections from the existing web.config file.

you can get a sample web.config by creating new ASP.NET AJAX Enabled WebSite.

With above 2 steps,your project will run without any errors,proceed to the following to drag & Drop AJAX Controls visually.

3) On Toolbox window,add new tab,name it AJAX Control.

4) Open the created tab and right click on the tab,and select Choose Items from the context menu.

5) Borwse to the location of "AjaxControlToolkit.dll".

Now,you have all AJAX Controls on the toolbox on VS 2005........... ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE : Script manager should be added on the Top of each page you are using AJAX Controls or you can put it once on Master Page.

Enjoy with building Rich Internet Application RIA :)

This steps is valid only on AJAX v1.0 with VS 2005 ONLY,and doesnt consider using Orcas since it has AJAX as a built in features.

Moustafa arafa

Sunday, May 27, 2007

TS Team Development Guide

Hi Folks,

MS Best practises Team has released new Guide for Team Development on TFS.....

Very Useful BDF File,Download it from CodePlex Now :

Moustafa arafa

SnagIt- New Tool for TFS - Capturing Bugs on the Screen

Hi Folks,
New Tool has been released for TFS Called "SnagIt";SnagIt’s output for Team System lets you add screen captures to new or existing bugs with a single click. Stop trying to describe problems with tons of text – just show them. Plus, eliminate the hassle of attaching images!

COOOooool Tool download it now :

Moustafa arafa

WI Creator 1.3

Hi Folks,
New tool has been released this month on 20 May ,This Tool allow you to create a new workitems on hierarchial way.

Download it ,

Moustafa arafa

Friday, May 25, 2007

New Tools for Developers & DBAs

Hi Folks,

New Tools has been released for Developers & DBAs.

SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access
Automates database migration from Access to SQL Server 2005.

SQL Server Migration Assistant for Sybase ASE
Automates database migration from Sybase ASE to SQL Server 2005.

Moustafa arafa

Monday, May 21, 2007

change email address for TFS email alerts

Hi Folks,
TO change the email address for email alerts in TFS,do the following:
1) Go to IIS Manager on TFS Server.
2) Expand TFS website,Right Click on Services virtual directory.
3) on ASP.NEt Configuration you will find email notification key "emailnotificationfromaddress".

Hope this helps.

Moustafa arafa

Max Attachement Size in TFS

Hi Folks,

In TFS the maximum attachement file size is 4,096 kilobytes by default,if you want to increase the file size, open your browser and put this URL :


you will find a webservie you can put the max. file size and click on invoke.......

Cool Tip in TFS :)

Moustafa arafa

Sunday, May 20, 2007

TFS Security In Deep 1

Hi Folks,
This Post is to identify Security Tips in TFS best Practices :

1) Implicit & Explicit Permission in TFS:
When you try to manage Group Permission on TFS Server (Server Level or Project Level) you have 2 check boxes to allow/deny the permission.
when you check either allow/deny this is called you explicitly set the permission set.
when you leave the checkboxes un check this called your Implicitly Deny this Permission to the selected group.

2) Inheritence in TFS Security Permission Set:
In TFS,if the user belongs to 2 Groups and one Group has a permission to Create New Project and other doesnt have,The user will inherit this permission from one of those groups.
Note also that the permission on WSS or Reporting Services is not inherited in TFS.

3) Manage The project Lead Permissions to on SQL Reporting Services:
Navigate to this URL :
http:// application-tier /Reports/Pages/Folder.aspx
Select Properties,Click on New Role Assignement,Put the Username (User Account Username) of the Project Lead and select Content Manager then OK

4) Manage Project Lead Permissions on WSS :
From Team Explorer Window,Select Project Portal, Site Settings,Manage Users, Add the username then select either Administrator Role then click add.

Hope This Tips helps :)

Moustafa arafa

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Enable Process Template Editor in TFS

Hi All,

To work in Process Customization in TFS you have to install TFS Powet Tool then you can use TFS Process Template Editor.

you can download TFS Template Editor from here :

Process Template Editor is one of the most important features added to your TFS installation,plus some very useful commnads.

Moustafa arafa

TFS Power Tool

Hi All,

Microsfot has relased TFS Power Tools,this tool contasin alot of features and command line tools which is not available in the default TFS Installation of TFS Dvd.

Read more about the features and tools provided on it :

Enjoy with TS.

Moustafa arafa

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

MS Project 2007 Bug with TS

Hi Folks,

THere's a bug when you try to update your workitems in the MS Project 2007 which are exported from Team System.

If you try to update the work item type with out clicking (attached image), you will get an error on you try to publish your work items.

Invalid work item type...

Moustafa arafa

Monday, May 14, 2007

Tester window in Team System

Hi Folks,

This post for QA (Quality Assurance) / Testers and developers,coz it highlights some important windows available in VS Team Edition for Tester / Team Suite.

Tester has new windows to deal with Unit Tests,Load Tests,Manual Test..etc :

1) Test Manager to mange all your tests in the Test Proj.

2) Test View to view ordered list of all test.

3) Test Results to view if the test has been failed or not.

Moustafa arafa

Sunday, May 13, 2007

TFS Proxy Tips

Hi Folks,
This post is to highlight some Tips & Tricks in TFS Proxy server in Installation and administration :

1)TFS proxy server should be installed for every remote office for oyur development team.

2)TFS Proxy installation is different than TFS installation and you can found it in the Proxy folder in the installation DVD.

3)Use Proxy Web Service to know the # of hits/files in cache and alot of other information which helps all development team members to monitor Proxy Cache.

4)Proxy server can read from multiple application tiers and you can configure that on the Proxy.Config File under Server Node.

5) CacheLimit Size Equation :
CacheLimit = (Availble Space + Cache Size)* Percent

Assuming the cache Limit pecent =50 %
The Equation is : CacheLimit = (Availble Space + Cahce Size)* 50/100

6)Cache Cleanup will start to run and free space in the TFS Proxy when :

Available Space is qual to Cache Limit

These are some Tips in TFS Proxy server :)

Moustafa arafa

Saturday, May 12, 2007

IE Developer Toolbar

Hi Folks,
New tool has been released for all Web Developers,the tool name is "IE Developer Toolbar" :

These features enable you to:
-Explore and modify the document object model (DOM) of a Web page.
-Locate and select specific elements on a Web page through a variety of techniques.
-Selectively disable Internet Explorer settings.
-View HTML object class names, ID's, and details such as link paths, tab index values, and access keys.
-Outline tables, table cells, images, or selected tags.
-Validate HTML, CSS, WAI, and RSS web feed links.
-Display image dimensions, file sizes, path information, and alternate (ALT) text.
-Immediately resize the browser window to a new resolution.
-Selectively clear the browser cache and saved cookies. Choose from all objects or those associated with a given domain.
-Display a fully featured design ruler to help accurately align and measure objects on your pages.
-Find the style rules used to set specific style values on an element.
-View the formatted and syntax colored source of HTML and CSS.

download link :

Moustafa arafa

JOBS @ DotNet Boom Forums

3 DotNet Developers vacancy is available on DotNet Boom Forums,if you are interested , read more :

Moustafa arafa

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Patterns & Practices Guidance Explorer

Hi Folks,

Download This Guidance from MS Patterns & Practices team ,it contains alot of articles,Tips and Tricks in alot of .Net Topics : .Net 1.1,2.0 ADO.Net , ASP.Net 1,2 and more.........

downlaod this windows application and navigate to your interested articles and topics :

Moustafa arafa

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Delete Project from TFS

Hi Folks,

This post is to how can you delete a project from TFS ?

1) Open C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE Folder
2) Open command line and open this path .
3) on the command line write the following command :

TFSDeleteProject /server:YOUR_TFS_SERVER Project_Name

Note :
You must be connected to Team Foundation Server before using TFSDeleteProject.

Use TFSDeleteProject to delete a team project from Team System when the project is no longer needed on the Team Foundation Server.

When you run TFSDeleteProject, the system places the source control data in a deleted state in the operational store. It does not actually remove the data from the database, nor does it reclaim the disk space. Also, the system does not remove the warehouse data originating from the team project.

Hope this helps.

Moustafa arafa

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Upgrade your TFS from Evaluation version to Licensed Version

Hi folks,

this post is to inform you that the steps you need to upgrade your TFS from Evaluation to Licensed one,its really easy steps :

1) Purchase/Got the License Key from Microsoft.
2) from Add Remove Programs,Just click on Remove / Change and select the upgrade option then put your licesed key......

Last step doesn't take more than 2 minutes.

Thanks MS for this feature.

Moustafa arafa

Monday, May 07, 2007

VSS Converter

Hi Team System Guys,

This post is to point that there is a cool tool called "VSS Converter GUI" which gives you a graphical representation of VSS Converter Command Tool which is used on your migration from VSS to TFS.

Download this tool :

Don't forget to put the exe in the same folder of VSS Converter.exe file on your mahcine O.W. you will get an error meesage File.IO file not found exception.

Hope this helps...............:)

Moustafa arafa

Extend your TFS Trial Version

Hi Folks,

Alot of people is asking for How Can they know when their TFS installation is being expired ? simply use this tool,to know when your version will be expired and how to extend it as well :)

A dialog will appear and you need to press the "Check" button. If you are within 10 days of expiration of a trial of TFS, and "Extend Trial..." button will appear in the lower left hand corner. Press that and your expiration date should be extended to 30 days from "today" (today being the day you run you click the Extend Trial button).

download the tool :


Moustafa arafa

Sunday, May 06, 2007

VS 2005 Team System for DB Prof.

Hi Folks,

This post is to inform you that VS 2005 Team System for DB Professional has been released on 1 Dec 2006,and ready to sell on 1 Jan 2007,This product was released by microsfot separately from the VS Team System Release.

if you want to download its add-ins simply visit the below link to download it :

Take Care that this add-in is working only if you have VSTS Team Suite Edition ONLY.

Comparing schemas,monitoring DB activities and changes are the most important features for DB Professioanl Edition of TS.

Moustafa arafa

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Disable Dynamic Port in ASP.NET 2

Hi Folks,

i got some iquiries about how developers can select specific port when they open website using FileSystem;this is simply be done by disable dynamic port in aspnet project.

open your website and on the project properties :

Use Dynamic Ports -> set it to False.

and specify the ports No if you want.

Enjoy with 2.0.

Moustafa arafa

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Architect Terms in Visual Studio 2005

Hi Folks;
This post is for the architect who is working using VS 2005 for Architect Edition or Team Suite Edition.

On of the Important Tools for Software / Infrastructure Architect is to use Logical Data Center in your solution to design your project as per your environment.

When you create a new logical datacenter;you will find new controls in your toolbox,here is an verview for all of them :

1) Zones : you will find a description for it in DNB Portal :

2) End Points : when you add a zone in your design; you need to add for each Zone atleast 1 Inbound End Point to give any server inside this zone to accept inouts from external zones,and each zone may need an outbound zone to communicate with external systems.

End Points Types : Inbound ; OutBound ; BiDirectional.

You can add contraints to your End Point sunch as block some port #.

Moustafa arafa

Customzing Process Templete in TFS

Hi Folks,

one of the most important features on Team System is the ability to customize the existing methodologies (Agile & CMMI) and add your own methodology.

To customize the process document; do the following :

1) Download any of the Existing process documents methodologies.
2) Add or delete any docuemtns you dont want;for example (Project Management folder;Requirements folder).

Before uploading your new methodology there's small Tricks :

1) You have to give your methodology a uniques name;O.W. you will get this message "Do you want to overwrite Agile Software Development Methodology" if you download it;this is because this name is taken from ProcessDocument.xml.
You have to edit node in this xml file to your methodology name.

2) Any Documents you will add or remove under Sharepoint services folder, you have to update corresponding xml file "wssTasks.xml" and remove the XML nodes o add your own with the same format on that XML.



Moustafa arafa