Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Enable ATLAS/AJAX on your ASP.Net 2.0 Application

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In This post i want to change the type of my posts by submitting ASP.NET post instead of long period of TS posts ;),I will describe the steps you need to enable AJAX on an Existing ASP.Net 2.0 application not a new ASP.NET AJAX Enable Application.

In Case you want to enable AJAX on your existing asp.net 2.0 application,first you have to install ajax 1.0 extensions from asp.net website,the download link:

Then after install it,do the following steps :

1) Add reference to ajax control kit DLL file to your project "AjaxControlToolkit.dll",you can find it once you install the Toolkit on the Sample Website on the installation path.

2) Very Important : Change your web.config since your project will not work,copy & paste the sections from the existing web.config file.

you can get a sample web.config by creating new ASP.NET AJAX Enabled WebSite.

With above 2 steps,your project will run without any errors,proceed to the following to drag & Drop AJAX Controls visually.

3) On Toolbox window,add new tab,name it AJAX Control.

4) Open the created tab and right click on the tab,and select Choose Items from the context menu.

5) Borwse to the location of "AjaxControlToolkit.dll".

Now,you have all AJAX Controls on the toolbox on VS 2005........... ENJOY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOTE : Script manager should be added on the Top of each page you are using AJAX Controls or you can put it once on Master Page.

Enjoy with building Rich Internet Application RIA :)

This steps is valid only on AJAX v1.0 with VS 2005 ONLY,and doesnt consider using Orcas since it has AJAX as a built in features.

Moustafa arafa

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