Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today Tip : Difference between Asynchronous & Asynchronous Postback in AJAX

Hi Folks,

Today i want to share with you some important tips for AJAX development,if you are developing an ajax website,sure you are using Synch. and Asynch postbacks in your page,what i want to share with you are the following tips:

1) Asp.Net AJAX executes only 1 Asynchronous postback at a time,which means if you have 2 buttons doing asynch. postback the ajax will execute one action at a time.
2) The difference between Synch and Asynch postback is major,in Synch postback the ajax is renedering the whole page for any postback which is not required usally if you have multiple update panel in your page.
3) In Asych postback the Ajax only render the panel which cause the postback,for example,if you have 3 update panels,and one of them cause postback ,the only update panel which contains the button will be rendered.
4) you can manage Synch or Asynch Postback in your page using an AJAX Class called PageRequestManager,sample code :


Hope this tips are helpful in your ajax programming.

Mostafa arafa

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Customer Guidance for Implementing SharePoint Solutions

Hi Folks,

New Project hs been created on CodePlex Site to Guide Customer How to implement Solutions on Top of SharePoint 2007,This Guide is very good step for SW Architects and Leads how to design SharePoint Solutions....Hope will be useful.

It's not even in Alpha,it's on Draft Version,Check it out :

Be in touch with this project on CodePlex Web Site.

Mostafa arafa

Sunday, August 03, 2008

In Deep MOSS Crawling Articles

Hi All,

SharePoint Product Group has launched set of useful articles about crawling in MOSS 2007,detials mentioned below :

1) Creating an Enterprise Search Crawl Log Viewer for SharePoint Server 2007 :

2) Using Enterprsie Filters in MOSS 2007 :

3) Creating an Enterprise Search Crawl Log Viewer for SharePoint Server 2007:

Happy Times with MOSS :)

Mostafa arafa