Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Developer Dashboard doesn't show for anonymous users in SharePoint 2013

Hi All,

I was working on a public SharePoint site and i wanted to enabled the developer dashboard utility. I Ran the following powershell command to enable the developer dashboard:

Turn On Developer Dashboard Powershell Command:

$content = ([Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService]::ContentService)
$appsetting =$content.DeveloperDashboardSettings
$appsetting.DisplayLevel = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPDeveloperDashboardLevel]::On

**If you want to turn it off, just change the On flag to Off and you are good.

After that, I was able to see the developer dashboard icon in the Central Administration site but not on my public SharePoint site.

So basically, I found that you have to grant permissions for anonymous users to access this utility since it is not accessible for anonymous users even if the utility is enabled.

How to enable Developer Dashboard for anonymous users:

$contentService = [Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPWebService]::ContentService
$dashboardSettings = $contentService.DeveloperDashboardSettings
$dashboardSettings.RequiredPermissions = [Microsoft.SharePoint.SPBasePermissions]::EmptyMask

By default, the required permissions property for the developer dashboard utility is "AddAndCustomizePages" which is available for authenticated users who have this permission, so you need to changed it to no permissions by setting the value to EmptyMask which means in SharePoint permissions world no permissions are needed.

Note: This is a good technique while you are developing, testing and in the user acceptance test phase of any SharePoint implementation project. when you don't need this utility it is strongly recommended to turn it off on production environment.

Hope this helps!

1) SharePoint base permissions:

The memory usage on the current server is about {0}. This can cause the eviction or throttling of the Distributed Cache Service


After enabling the usage and data collection service in SharePoint 2013, i was getting the following warning in windows event log:

The SharePoint Health Analyzer detected a condition requiring your attention.  The Current server is running low on memory.
The memory usage on the current server is about {0}. This can cause the eviction or throttling of the Distributed Cache Service/
Check the memory usage on the machine.And try to free up some memory or add more ram on the machine. For more information about this rule, see "".

How to tackle this memory consumption and performance issue in SharePoint 2013:

First, if in you are not utilizing the document activities, feeds or micro-blogging services in SharePoint so it is recommended to stop the Distributed Cache Service. this will give you a great performance boost in your box.

To get an understanding of the benefits of Distributed Cache Service in SharePoint read this TechNet post- Section "Benefits of Distributed Cache":

Second, you can minimize the number of days you want to store SharePoint logs on the disk to free up some space. here is the steps:
1) Open Central Administration,
2) Click on Monitoring.
3) Under Reporting, Click on Configure diagnostic logging.
4) Scroll down to Trace log, where you can change the number of days to store log files from 14 to 5 days or you can specify the size of the log files in GB which gives you control over the size of these growing files.

Hope this helps.