Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Enable Jupyter notebook in Anaconda Navigator


After i installed the latest conda runtime (anaconda 3 x64 distro) that uses Anaconda 3 on Windows 64 bit.

When i try to click on a target environment, i see that "Open with IPython" or "Open with Jupyter Notebook"

The question is how to enable this? I found how to install Jupyter notebook package for conda environment where it would be accessible through the Navigator tool.

Follow below steps:

1) Select any of the available environment, Click on "Open terminal" window.
2) Type the following command:

conda install nb_conda

3) This will install notebook packages for Jupyter and once it is completed, The Jupyter notebook will be available for all environments.

4) To testify this work properly, Click on Jupyter link and this will open up the notebook.

5) Write some code to make sure this works with no issues.

import pandas as pd
s = pd.Series([1508258340299])

The code executed with no issues:

Hope this helps!

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