Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Architect Terms in Visual Studio 2005

Hi Folks;
This post is for the architect who is working using VS 2005 for Architect Edition or Team Suite Edition.

On of the Important Tools for Software / Infrastructure Architect is to use Logical Data Center in your solution to design your project as per your environment.

When you create a new logical datacenter;you will find new controls in your toolbox,here is an verview for all of them :

1) Zones : you will find a description for it in DNB Portal :

2) End Points : when you add a zone in your design; you need to add for each Zone atleast 1 Inbound End Point to give any server inside this zone to accept inouts from external zones,and each zone may need an outbound zone to communicate with external systems.

End Points Types : Inbound ; OutBound ; BiDirectional.

You can add contraints to your End Point sunch as block some port #.

Moustafa arafa

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