Saturday, May 20, 2006

How to find control in Footer of the datagrid.....

To find any control which resides on footer on the datagrid,the following lines of code..solve the problem..

DropDownList ddlS=(DropDownList) DG1.Controls[0].Controls[DG1.Controls[0].Controls.Count-1].FindControl("DDLCountries");

this is to find dropdown list in the datagrid.....
the same you can make it to find any control in the footer.

Moustafa arafa


Anonymous said...

salamo aleekom
the datagrid is great but what is better is the gridview with which i can notcntrol the update and save . the grid view saes record by record , and this is my problem i can not save abunch of records like the adapter.update
so i can not make them in one transaction
can i do this
thank u in advance

Unknown said...

Dear Medhat,
I don't know you mix up alot of things........
in 2 we have :
-Grid View : which gives oyu the same functionality of DataGrid.
-Form View : Which show record by record....
you have the choice to select the proper controls based on your logic.
-in grid view you can insert,update and delete also on Form View.

Seema Sonawane said...

thank you very much
my problem can solve