Sunday, June 18, 2006

Code Master Competition - Windows Vista

Ready to win some cash with your coding skills?
Microsoft is hosting the Code Master Challenge, a new competition for developers and ISVs. The best apps built with Windows Vista win.
There are almost no rules about what you can build-Microsoft is asking people to be as creative as they want. How often do we get to do that, and potentially get paid for it?
The 20 finalists each get $500. And if you make it to the last round, there's even more money at stake:
Grand prize: $50,000
1st prize: $30,000
2nd prize: $20,000
3rd prize: $15,000
You don't need a completed app to register - sign up now and code later. And just so you know, Microsoft never asks for your coding secrets-those are yours to keep or sell.
Come check it out at

Moustafa arafa

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