Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Delete Project from TFS

Hi Folks,

This post is to how can you delete a project from TFS ?

1) Open C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE Folder
2) Open command line and open this path .
3) on the command line write the following command :

TFSDeleteProject /server:YOUR_TFS_SERVER Project_Name

Note :
You must be connected to Team Foundation Server before using TFSDeleteProject.

Use TFSDeleteProject to delete a team project from Team System when the project is no longer needed on the Team Foundation Server.

When you run TFSDeleteProject, the system places the source control data in a deleted state in the operational store. It does not actually remove the data from the database, nor does it reclaim the disk space. Also, the system does not remove the warehouse data originating from the team project.

Hope this helps.

Moustafa arafa


Unknown said...

And how do u fully remove the project?

Unknown said...

this is a safe feature of TFS,Fully remove the TFS Project is not applicable.

Hope this helps...