Sunday, May 13, 2007

TFS Proxy Tips

Hi Folks,
This post is to highlight some Tips & Tricks in TFS Proxy server in Installation and administration :

1)TFS proxy server should be installed for every remote office for oyur development team.

2)TFS Proxy installation is different than TFS installation and you can found it in the Proxy folder in the installation DVD.

3)Use Proxy Web Service to know the # of hits/files in cache and alot of other information which helps all development team members to monitor Proxy Cache.

4)Proxy server can read from multiple application tiers and you can configure that on the Proxy.Config File under Server Node.

5) CacheLimit Size Equation :
CacheLimit = (Availble Space + Cache Size)* Percent

Assuming the cache Limit pecent =50 %
The Equation is : CacheLimit = (Availble Space + Cahce Size)* 50/100

6)Cache Cleanup will start to run and free space in the TFS Proxy when :

Available Space is qual to Cache Limit

These are some Tips in TFS Proxy server :)

Moustafa arafa

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