Friday, May 29, 2015

Build Apps for Office (Word & Outlook) and Office 365 API

Hi All,

During my sessions in the office 365 DevCamp in Atlanta, I have demoed how to build applications for Office (Word & Outlook) and How to integrate with Office 365 API from ASP.NET MVC application.

 I have uploaded the source of 3 applications, The zip file contains the following:

1) Word Application: Read items from SharePoint lists and interact with a word document.

2) Outlook Mail App: An app that read email messages content and extract links within the message and has the ability to add these links to SharePoint lists.

3) MVC Research Tracker App: an MVC application that is connected to office 365 tenant and read user's contacts, files (from OneDrive) and add content to SharePoint lists.

These applications you can download, register these apps against your Office 365 tenant AD and run them (F5) and have fun!

Source files download link:

I have uploaded the manifest files as well, that contains the registration information i have for each of these applications in my office 365 tenant Active Directory. These files are json files, you can open it in Notepad and configure the settings and permissions as needed. DON'T copy any Auto Generated Ids such as client id or AppKey.

All these demos require an office 365 tenant to develop against, so you will be able to have: mail, OneDrive, SharePoint sites and more, if you don't have, create a new account (30-day trial) here:

Sign up for Office 365 Development Account

Word App is running (Task Pane) inside Office word 2013:


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