Monday, October 05, 2015

Azure Data Platform presentation on DC Cloud Tour event

Hi All,

During Azure Cloud Tour in DC, I presented a session about Azure data platform services which includes wide range of services for developers, and architects.

When you build a cloud based solution, you need to have an understanding of the available options to store and secure your data. This presentation covers the following topics:

1) SQL Server Database on Azure as PaaS.
2) SQL Server Database security features such as: Row Level Security, Dynamic Data Masking and Transparent Data Encryption (TDE).
3) SQL Server VMs as IaaS vs PaaS offering.
4) DocumentDB as NoSql option on Azure.
5) Elastic Database Pool for SQL Servers on Azure.
6) Azure Search as enterprise scalable solution.
7) HDInsight Microsoft Hadoop cluster implementation available on Windows and Linux.
8) Data Warehousing as a service on Azure.
9) Data Lake: enterprise wide repository of your data in its original format.

Hope this helps.

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