Saturday, October 10, 2015

Philly Code Camp Event Sessions

Hi All,

Today i am pleased to join the speakers team of Philly DotNet Code Camp (PhillyDotNet.Org) which we have it at Microsoft Technology Center at Malvern, PA on 9-10th Oct 2015.

I am delivering two sessions and below is the details of each session:

1) Developing Cross-Platform Mobile Apps using Apache Cordova

This session will cover how to build cross platform mobile applications using Apache Cordova. Cordova allows web developers to use their existing web development skills to build cross platform mobile apps. Write a single code base in HTML/JS/CSS and deploy your app to iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The session will cover how to use JS libraries such as Ionic, Angular and Backbone to build Apps in Visual Studio 2015 with latest TACO official release v1.0.0 on 10/7/2015.

The session will cover insights on understanding the project structure and best practices in building Cordova apps and it is demo driven!

Session url:

2) Get you site Edge Ready

Microsoft Edge – what are the technical details of Microsoft’s new browser, what’s new in Edge, and what’s the best way to develop for it? This session will go over the technical details of Microsoft Edge. We’ll discuss the value of the browser and how you can make sure your web sites are ready for Edge!

Session url:

Hope you enjoy my sessions, and have fun!

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