Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ionic framework must to know tips

Hi All,

I am writing this blog post to cover essential Ionic framework commands that every developer should be aware of specially if you are new to Ionic Development using Cordova platform.

Here is my tips that must to know when working with Ionic framework:

1) Ionic is a front-end SDK that is used to create incredible mobile apps based on Cordova framework.

2) To start using Ionic to create mobile apps, Ionic uses npm which uses node.js. So you need to install Node.js to start using npm commands.

3) To install Node.js, here is the installation link:

4) Creating Ionic mobile apps project is a folder based, So before executing the following command you need to make sure that you are in the right directory path structure where Ionic framework creates a folder for the newly created application "app1" :

     ionic start app1

The above command creates a folder named "app1" under the current directory path.

5) All Ionic Framework commands starts with ionic either to create, build or run Ionic mobile apps.

6) You can open Ionic projects using Visual Studio Code by executing the following steps:
     a) From File menu, Click on Open Folder.
     b) Select your Ionic project folder and click on Ok.
You will be able to use Visual Studio as your Development Environment.

7) If you want to run your Cordova project into the browser, Follow these steps:
    a) Open the terminal window, navigate to the project folder.
    b) Type the following:
         ionic serve
    c) A new browser will run for your Ionic Cordova project.

8) How to add Git integration to an existing project in VS Code, check out this reference:

Update [11/2/2015]: Updates for Git integration and how to run Cordova apps in the browser.

Hope this helps.

1) Ionic Framework website:

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