Monday, July 20, 2009

How to control which Silverlight version does your application run on ?

Hi Folks,

I have been asked from one of my colleagues that he developed a Silverlight 2.0 and he doesn't want to upgrade his application to Silverlight 3.0.

To control which Silverlight version your application will run on: simply open the page which contains the Silverlight object (default.htm or default.aspx) and check the Silverlight object, you will find the following:

- minRuntimeVersion: used to control the version of the Silverlight that your application will run on at minimum.

For example: if you built your application on version 2.0, the client will not be prompted to install version 3.0 when visiting your website if he has version 2.0 and this attribute is set to use version 3.0.

autoUpgrade: when it is true, the application will be upgraded to the newest Silverlight version automatically. If it is false, noting will happen.

Some use cases for different situation:

- - Before shipping your application make sure that make autoUpgrade to false, unless you developed some features which requires the client to upgrade his Silverlight version to the newest one.

- - Set the value of minRuntimeVersion to the version you test your application on, and make sure this is the minimum version you want to make your application is running with no issues.

Mostafa arafa

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