Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Cloud Computing Thoughts with Azure

Hi All,

Today i attended the Government Cloud Computing event at Washignton DC sponsored By Microsoft which held on Ronald Regan Conference center. I had cool conversation with the DPE team and Azure Technical guys in the event with some few business contacts in the Federal government Reps.

The event started with the Cloud computing vision on the furture and the challenges the face Microsoft and ISVs to engage the government to be open and approve the cloud computing solutions.

Then, Microsoft showed some show cases / Demos for implementing Windows Azure,Dallas and AppFabric with Blobs on the cloud.

Then we had a great panel that includes some of technology experts and innovators from the government and other private sector.

I really like the innovation in NASA and the CIO who was so open to the new technologies and how it helps NASA's mission and the scientific research that it has and how it helps them to reduce the operational cost for their IT services.

The event had 3 Tracks : Business Track, IT Track and Developer Track.

I will give my insights in the Developer track as bullet points:

- You can start developing Azure cloud computing with ZERO Dollar investment.
- Use VS 2008 with Azure training Kit to start developing cloud apps.
- ALL MSDN subscribers have a promotion from MS to have 750 hrs for 8 months FREE.
- Cloud Storage Studio is a free tool to manage your Azure Storage data.
- blogs.msdn.com/publicsector to get all public sector news.
- Accessing Cloud data using RESTful services using Odata protocol, www.odata.org
- myazurestorage.com is another tool to manage azure storage.
- SQL Azure migration wizard is an open source project in codeplex to migrate your DB to Azure compliant.
- MS Synch. Framework power pack for SQL Azure - Nov CTP to synch between different SQL Azure Databases and on premise DBs.
- Microsoft has a program called : Open government data initiative OGDI to expose data to the citizens using Azure technologies.
- OGDI provides toolkits with different programming languages to help developers to consume these data using Azure Platform.

These are my notes, hope it helps :)

Update: My page on the cloud : http://metrostarsystems.cloudapp.net/

Mostafa arafa

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