Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Enable Non-Business Intelligence Center Sites with BI capabilities in SharePoint 2010

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I'm getting questions about how to enable BI PerformancePoint features on Non-Business Intelligence Center Sites in SharePoint 2010. To enable PPS BI features in other SharePoint 2010 site templates, please do the followings:

1) Navigate to the site you would like to add PPS BI features to it.
2) From Site Settings --> Click on Site Settings.
3) Under Site Collection Administration, Click on Site Collection features.
4) Enable the following features:
a) PerformancePoint services Site Collection Features.
b) SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure.
c) SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection Features.
Note: You should have Enterprise SharePoint License to enable PPS BI Features in your farm, These features are not available in Standard or SPF editions.

Now, you prepared your site to use PPS features in SharePoint 2010.

Navigate to SharePoint home page and click on libraries, and click on create you will be able to see/select "PerformancePoint Data Connection" library that you use to store PPS data connections.
After creating the library, do the following:
1) Select library settings.
2) Click on Add from existing site content types and select "PeformancePoint Data Source" from the list under PerformancePoint Group.
3) We want to set PP data source to be the default content type for this library, so on library settings page click on "Change new button order and default content type" link and select PP DS.

4) Navigate to the list and click on New Document, select "PP Data Connection", PPS designer will be launched and you will be able to configure your data source and store it in the library.

Tip: Just notice that the items in data connection library has an approval workflow, Make sure to approve newly created data connections.

Happy SharePointing !!

Mostafa Arafa

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