Monday, September 10, 2012

Product Review: Zoomph

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This is a product evaluation blog post about a product evaluation & review for a social media service called: Zoomph.

Zoomph is a social media product that provides moderation, analytics, feed management & Social Media mash up information from Facebook and Twitter into one set of displays for all your twitter and social media activities.

Zoomph primarily provides a twitter moderation capabilities though setting up a feed moderation team in the product to moderate your feeds in your account. Setup a feed in few seconds by setting the hash tags, keywords or users you are looking to pull the information from Twitter and the rest will be done for you!

The intelligence set of real-time services in Zoomph pulls Twitter tweets based on the keywords, hash tags and other set of configurations and gives the ability to the feed’s moderators to approve and reject tweets content from Twitter in few clicks!

The product is supported by intuitive user interface that makes it easy for real time moderation that can be used in your conferences and events on the spot! In addition to that, the product pulls your content from your Facebook fan pages into the system.
Zoomph contains set of analytics and reporting capabilities that provide each account manager to analyze all data that have been captured and provides more insights such as: geo-location information, top influencers, and top tweets.
Last and most important features in Zoomph, the product provides set of displays with different dimensions that you can use to display your moderators’ approved tweets on big display screens with creative nifty designs that you can customize and brand it as you want!
What about the price? The service is not expensive at all! You setup your feed for only 9.99$
Check out all features of Zoomph in below URL:
This product is fully designed and developed on Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform.
Hope this post helps in evaluating Social Media products in the market and specially Zoomph and gives you insights about why would you sign up for Zoomph…
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