Saturday, September 12, 2015

How to get started with IoT devices running windows 10 IoT Core


Microsoft published a development center for developers to start developing IoT solutions for available IoT hardware devices in the market.

If you want to get started developing IoT solutions, You can use your existing development skill set in windows to develop solutions since there are good number of IoT devices that support running windows 10 IoT core such as:

1) Raspberry Pi 2.
2) MinnowBoard Max.
3) Galileo
4) Windows Remote Arduino
5) Windows Virtual Shields for Arduino

These IoT devices are not expensive, Once you get one of these devices, you can start running Windows 10 IoT core and start developing solutions using Visual Studio 2015.

Below is some useful links to get started:

Windows Dev Center - IoT:

Select your IoT Device:

Once you get Visual Studio 2015 Community edition for free, you need to get Windows 10 IoT core project templates:

Have fun!

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