Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How to create Outlook apps in Visual Studio 2015

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I have been asked on what is needed to create outlook extensions, add-ins or apps. The new standard name from Microsoft  for these extensions is office apps. So in this blog post i will use apps which refer to add-ins or extensions.

With the new app model, All office apps are HTML5 & web based projects. When you create a project in Visual Studio 2015, VS creates two projects in the solution.

The first project is a web app project where you can create all your HTML pages with all required assets (CSS, JS...etc). The second project is an office wrapper project for your web app.  This project is being used to register your app in office client apps or office 365.

The office wrapper project contains information such as: application name, version, company information, end point urls and any required permissions that you need to configure when a user install the Outolook add-in.

Below screen shots shows how to create an Outlook Add-In to show in outlook email messages.

1) Open Visual Studio 2015.
2) From the file menu, click on New project.
3) Under Office/SharePoint, Select Apps from the right pane.

4) Click OK.
5) Visual Studio will prompt which project type you want for your outlook app.

6) Select Mail, Then click Next.
7) Choose where you want the app to appear.

8) Select Read and Compose Email Message, Un-check the rest.
9) Click on Finish.

Below shows how the two projects that have been created in VS 2015.


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