Friday, July 15, 2016

Get started with Outlook Connectors with a sample showcase application

Hi All,
Office 365 Connectors provide a compelling extensibility solution for developers. Developers can build connectors through incoming webhooks to generate rich connector cards. Additionally, with the new "Connect to Office 365" button, developers can embed the button on their site and enable users to connect to Office 365 groups.

A sample showcase for outlook connectors integration
I have built this application that demonstrates outlook connector integration showcase that includes an integration for "Connect to Office 365" button into a third party website and how to send a detailed canvas message to a group.
How to Use it:
  • Outlook Connector landing page: Click on "Enterprise" menu item, install our connector into one of your office 365 groups.
  • Send a message to any group: Click on "Send Message" menu item, set a title message and group name and click on Send button. Check your group and you will be notified with a full detailed canvas message.

Useful Resources: 

A general overview of what Office 365 Connectors are and how end-users interact with them.

Complete documentation for building Office 365 Connectors.

A sandbox environment for developer experimentation.

Create and manage outlook connector settings in this dashboard.


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