Tuesday, August 23, 2016

How to create websites with MySQL database in Azure


Microsoft recently announced Azure App Service support for In-app MySQL Feature (Still in Preview).

What does "In-App MySQL" in App Service mean?

It means that MySQL database is provisioned and it shares the resources with your web app. MySQL in-app enables developers to run the MySQL server side-by-side with their Web application within the same environment, which makes it easier to develop and test PHP applications that use MySQL.

So, You can have your MySQL In-App database along with your website into Azure App Service and both share the same resources. No need to provision a different VM for MySQL or purchase ClearDB for your websites under development. The feature is available for new or existing web apps in Azure.

Definitely we recommend when moving to production is to move out of In-App MySQL database, since the intention is to keep this for development and testing purposes only.

In-App MySQL is like hosting SQLServer Express DB instance in your app before mounting it to an actual SQL Server instance.

How to provision MySQL In-App to Azure App Service?

Create a new web app or select an existing web app and then you will find "MySQL in App (Preview)" option. Click MySQL In App On and then save.

Current Limitation for MySQL In App Feature:
1) Auto Scaling feature is not supported.
2) Enabling Local Cache is not supported.
3) You can access your database only using PHPMyAdmin web tool or using KUDU debug console.
4) Web Apps and WordPress templates support MySQL In App when you provision it in Azure Portal. The team is working to expand this to other services in Azure portal.

Hope this helps.

1) MySQL in-app for web apps: https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/appserviceteam/2016/08/18/announcing-mysql-in-app-preview-for-web-apps

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