Wednesday, April 05, 2017

How to install Keras on Windows 10 with 64 bit


I was trying to install Keras library on Windows 10 with 64 bit build machine. Since i use Anaconda to manage python packages on my machine, The first thing i tried was to install the package from the Anaconda command line by executing the following command:

conda install keras

I got the following error:

PackageNotFoundError: Package missing in current win-64 bit channels:
 - keras

To fix this issue, Follow these steps:

1) Check the latest Keras package from Anaconda website by visiting this link:

2) Select Keras library from the list, then copy the displayed command from the website:

conda install -c conda-forge keras=2.0.2

3) Run this command in the Anaconda command prompt window.

4) Keras library is installed and you will be able to start deep learning with Keras!


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