Friday, September 08, 2006

BPM and Workflow ?

Dear Gurus,
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This thread is simply asking one question :
What's the difference between BPM and Workflow ?
BPM : is business process management.
WF : is workflow.
alot of people get confused between both technology terms,simple you can ask the same question but in another form :
Should i use MS Biztalk or Windows workflow for building Workflow application ? since biztalk also contains Workflow engine.

if you wana build a business application which contains a workflow you can build it using windows workflow foundation,and this fit your requirement from implementation perspective.

but what about if you want to mintor these activities ? if you want to interface with other technologies or you have alot of other system with different languages which interact on this workflow.........then on this case you have to use a MS Biztalk to build you business process and your workflow and at the same time you can interface with more than different systems with monitoring capabilites.

This is a bit of information for clear the Confusion of BPM and workflow terms.

Moustafa arafa

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