Monday, September 25, 2006

WSE 3.0 is a mazing

Hi folks,

on 2002 i start my knowledge on web services,by implementing a solution for XML web services security,and i wrote a thesis on that.

i work with XML web serivces extensions since WSDK (web serivces development kit),and i work also with WSE 1.0.
on that time,alot of code and lots of configuration you have to do it on windows and go to control panel to configure and install certificates.....etc

Now,No more dependancy on windows configuration and writing in XML files for keep the configuration of XML web services.

i have a project using web serives on Enterprise scale,and i download and install WSE 3.0 which be shipped with Certificates and configuraiton tools and alot of other value feature related to WS-* implementations.

Now,go and download WSE 3.0 and start secure you web services ....:)

Download link :

Moustafa arafa

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