Sunday, January 21, 2007

SQL Server Database Publishing Wizard 1.0

Dear Folks,

Microsoft has released a tool (MS SQL DB Publishing Wizard 1.0) to publish SQL DB (Schema + Data) into a single script,this is a very useful tool,you don't need to use backup/Restore your database or script your DB Objects to take only schema of your DB.

Microsoft also release (MS SQL DB Publishing services 1.0) is a application to use it through the web to script your DB.

Download Links :


Moustafa arafa


eBusiness Consultant said...


it might be late for me to request it.

but the link provided to download SQL Server Database Publishing wizard 1.0 no longer valid.

do you mind to provide any other valid links for download

Unknown said...

no problem ,this is a valid URL :

eBusiness Consultant said...


thanks for the info...

but the download is meant for version 1.1.

can i know where can i find for version 1.0 which is meant for SQL 2000 and .net 1.1?

or do u mind to email to me?

thanks a lot