Thursday, November 29, 2007

Recover your DB from Log Files in MS SQL DBMS

Hi Folks:

I got a call from one of my friends "Fady" regarding one of the guys dropped his tables without taking a backup of his DB.

This is my Support and answer to him.

Dear My Firend Fady,

Regarding your question yesterday, for that person who Dropped his tables, anyways this email has good news for him, as I told you he can recover the DB from its log file, simply pass these Urls to him, to recover your DB from Log File.



Hope this help you guys.......

Moustafa arafa


Anonymous said...

I love this scenario becasue I have faced it for a couple of times. Here are some questions that tell you exactly if you can recover.
1. Do they have any full backup of the database before the table deletion? No matter how old the full back up is. Even if the backup is done just after the database creation without the deleted table, it will change the result dramatically.
2. What is the database recovery mode. If it is Simple recovery the chance of recovery is 0%. Otherwise we may find a way to recover it.

The recovery is pretty simple.
Step 1: Make a transaction log back up of the same database with "NO TRUNCATE" option
Step 2: Restore the very old full back up that you may have with "NO RECOVERY" option
Step 3: Restore the new Transation Log backup that you have made after table deletion. RESTORE LOG has an option of "STOP AT". This gives you the chance to set the date and time to the moment before the table is deleted. In this way you can move back in time.
If you have any other concern just send me a message to and we may resolve it.
Alireza (Toronto)

Alex said...

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Unknown said...

Thanks Alex for your valuable post.

Alexis said...

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