Monday, May 26, 2008

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Hi Abed,

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The Answer : To group your properties in WebPart Development,tag your property with this attribute :

[Category("Custom Properties")]

when you deloy your webpart you will find a Group "Custom Properties" and you will find your properties under it.

By Default,This property if doesn't set,your property will be shown under "Miscellaneous" group.

Hope This helps.
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Moustafa Arafa El-Zoughby
DotNet Boom Supportive Development Manager
-------- Original Message --------Subject: Question about EditorPart GroupingFrom: "Abdolreza Zanganeh" <>Date: Tue, May 20, 2008 1:37 pmTo: moustafa@dotnetboom.netCc: "Paul Beck" <>
Hi Moustafa,
I have a question on development of our webpart. I am developing new webpart and we are using EditorPart. When the user is in "Edit mode", on right hand side he see the editpart and application configuration. I want to group the webpart properties that shown as textbox grouped with our editorpart not like now separately. I want to know how can I don this.
Thanks for your attention,Rez Zanganeh-- RADIMAGING Technical LeaderAbdolreza Zangeneh

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