Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Non Delivery Report Problem for Migrated users from old to new Exchange

Dear All,

I have found a solution for a “Hassle” problem of NDR (Non Delivery Report) on Exchange 2007 for migrated users from legacy Exchange 2003, The problem raised after migrating to new exchange 2007,if you tried to reply to any old emails, the exchange couldn’t recognize cached old contact information, see the attached email.

Kindly read the below KB show/explain the problem deeply, so that and I’m creating a .Net tool to do Bulk update by adding X500 custom attribute to all migrated users and copy it from LegacyExchangeDN in the source AD to ProxyAddresses Attribute to the remote AD.

I have tried it on 19,000 User accounts in our AD and it works perfect J.

Problem as follows:

I’m facing a problem after I have migrated my mail box from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2007,the problem is as follows:
1) Before I got my new email box on Exchange 2003,I have archived all my email to a .pst file.
2) I have restored my .pst archived emails file with my new account on exchange 2007.
3) The problem is when I try to open any of my old emails in the archived email,and try to open the contact profile by double clicking on the email address,I couldn’t get the full details of this account although this account already created in the new domain/Exchange 2007,below screen show shows the problem :

Thanks for C#, Directory Services & LDAP….

Problem Resolution References:
1) MS KB:
2) PST Problem Resolution:

Mostafa arafa

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