Friday, May 22, 2009

Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 is available for public

Hi All .Net Developer,

Impressed news for all .Net Developers, VS 2010 Beta 1 is now available for download for all users ( Wednesday 20 May) , VS 2010 was available for MSDN subscribers earlier, VS 2010 is packaged with new features and new enhancments for what we are doing in VS 2008.

New Features in VS 2010 :

1) Enhanced User Experience.
2) Support for Parallel Programming.
3) More Features and support for ALM ( Application Life cycle Management).
4) Inspiring Developer Delight ( more support for office tools, understanding existing code).
5) New features for Web Development ( One Click Deployment, Full support for Silverlight).
6) Cloud Development.
7) More DB support for DB2 and Oracle DBs.

A lot of interesting features if you would like to read more, visit below link:

Download it and start developing with VS 2010.

Mostafa arafa

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sebastian said...

Under the radar... Also included in VS2010 (and included in this beta release) are significant extensions to Dotfuscator CE that support
* the injection of feature and session monitoring (streaming usage data to a developer-specified endpoint),
* the injection of application expiry dates, and
* the injection of tamper defense and notification.
* Opt-in/Opt-out logic can also be injected.

Microsoft first announced this functionality at PDC2008

If you want a detailed walk through (including vs2010 b1 screen shots), check out Bill Leach’s blog entry at

For a MSFT employee blog entry on this same functionality, visit