Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sandbox Solutions in SharePoint 2010 session - SharePoint Saturday New York City

Hi All,
We had a successful SharePoint event in New York City on 31 July 2010 at Microsoft - Manhattan Office. On this event i presented a session covering: "SharePoint 2010 Sandbox solutions best practices",

In this event i covered the following topics in Sandbox solutions:
Sandbox solutions overview, Sandbox Architecture, SP 07 solutions challenges and SP 2010 approach, Sandbox solutions life cycle, limitations, SP Power Tools for VS 2010, Resource management for sandbox solutions, Load balancing and solutions validation framework.

The session was so interactive and i had amazing group between SP developers and SP Admins/Architect and we had nice conversation about sandbox solutions best practices and how admins can check developers' work.

What were the most interesting things/topics in the session- summary:
1) SharePoint Power Tools for VS 2010 and how to download it using Extension Manager in VS 2010.
2) Sandbox architecture and the SPUCWorkerProcess and how SP handle the lifecycle of loading/validate the sandbox solutions.
3) Sandbox solutions project items that you can develop such as: workflow activities, content types, site columns, visual webpart support ( HOT Topic having SP power tools in VS2010)...etc.
4) Resource management / solutions blocking.
5) Importance of solution validation for any organization.

Event - Share the stories:
This section is not technical, but it shows some fun time during the event.

Speakers' fun: @ Speakers' room
I was talking with few speakers that i bought a new notebook for my travels, that
has super configurations and RAM and very light and at the same time the battery life is 8 hours :) and i asked them how much do yo think i bought this laptop: and they gave me prices from 700-1500 $, then when i just said i bought it with 200 $ throught a sale- brand new, one of the speakers told me from which truck did you get it Mostafa ?!!! this was so funny and interesting.
Discussions among: Thomas M Daly, Ricardo Palhano, Eugene Rosenfeld and myself :)

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Regards,Mostafa Arafa

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