Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Upgrading Sitefinity 3.7 from a website to ASP.NET Web Application

Hi All,

I was trying to deploy a Sitefinity website to the cloud Azure. One of the requirement to add a web worker role to a Cloud service is that THE WEB WORKER ROLE HAS TO BE AN ASP.NET WEB APPLICATION AND NOT AN ASP.NET WEBSITE.

Telerik only provides Sitefinity 3.7 as a website installation, So my mission was to convert this website to an asp.net web application just to start deploying the project.

So, In this post i will show in steps how to do this:
1) Create a new ASP.Net web application targeting .NET 3.5
2) Copy all your files (Pages, User Controls...etc) to the new created web applications.
3) Add all required references to the new web application.
4) Copy the content of the web.config file to the new web application.
5) Right click on the web application project and selects convert to web application.
6) You will get set of errors that Profile doesn't exist on the new web application:
The reason behind this is you didn't import the PROFILE class in your web application, To do this:
a) Click on below link and download profile builder:
b) Install the "Web Profile Builder" on your machine.
c) follow the steps to update the project file mentioned on the "WebProfileBuilder_Documentation.zip" codeplex site.
c) Make sure that you got WebProfile.cs in your project.
d) You might need to add your assembly reference Using in the classes where there are referecnes to Profile class.
e) Replace all Profile,CommonProfile object declarations with WebProfile.

7) Try to build your application with no errors.

Note: If you added any files to the website and then you copied it the web application, DON'T FORGET TO CLICK ON CONVERT TO WEB APPLICATION TO CHANGE THE SOURCE FILE REFERENCES.

Enjoy Sitefinity on the cloud.

Will post any other difficulties on deploying Sitefinity on Azure.


Mostafa Arafa

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