Monday, May 25, 2015

My Study notes for 70-533 Exam: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

Hi All,

Happy memorial day! I am posting this blog post to share my study notes for Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions exam.

I passed this test last week and i used to keep all my written notes to share it with others to help them get prepared for the test and eventually pass it from the first round -:)

Here are my tips and topics you need to be knowing before taking the test:

1) Add a VM to existing Virtual Network (VNet) in Azure using: New-AzureQuickVM
2) How to configure a cloud service to join a VNet in Azure by updating the csdef file.
3) How to configure Corp VNet for new employees using:
    a) Create a VPN Subnet.
    b) Enable Point-to-site connecting to Corp VNet.
2) Using DirSync with Azure Active Directory (AAD) to synchronize on-premise AD to AAD.
3) Working with Access Control Services in Azure.
4) How to configure an application as a multi-tenant application.
5) Active Geo-Replication is available in the Premium Services Tier.
6) Managing access to anonymous and external users using access policy in Azure Storage.
7) All logs are stored in $logs container when storage analytics is enabled.
8) Deploy protection between two on-premises VMM sites.
9) Configure custom script extensions in VMs.
10) How to configure Data Protection Manager (DPM) with Azure backup service.
11) How to enable anonymous users to access blob storage container in Azure.
12) To integrate AD domain services (ADDS) with Azure AD (AAD):
       a) Setup a DirSync Server.
       b) Setup an active Directory Federation Services Server.
13) Work with Graph API  RESTful endpoints in Azure AD in SaaS apps.
14) Service Bus permissions:
      a) Send: for all send operation.
      b) Listen: opens up listeners and receive messages.
      c) Manage: to observe or manage the state of the service bus tenant.
15) Use Monitor page in Azure portal to setup metrics for your webroles.
16) Use Configure page in Azure portal for endpoints and rules for yor webroles.
17) To control access to VM, use Set-AzureAclConfig PS Cmdlet.
18) To add disk to a VM, use Add-AzureDataDisk PS Cmdlet.
19) Connect branch users to your corp network using: Site-to-Site configuration in Azure.
20) Connect remote users to your corp network using point-to-site configuration in Azure.
21) Free and Shared provides 1GB of Data in Azure as storage.
22) Basic provides 10GB of Data in Azure as storage
23) Standard provides 50GB of Data in Azure as storage.
24) Copy Databases using BACPAC from one server to another using blob storage.
25) Update cloud services with primary and secondary access keys in cscfg files:
26) To create a reserved IP and associate it with a cloud service: New-AzureReserveIP
27) How to setup 2 solutions to communicate in two different subscriptions:
      a) Add local networks to the VNets.
      b) Create a dynamic Routing Gateways.
      c) Connect the VPN Gateways.
28) You must be Enterprise and Global Admin to run Directory Sync Tool.
29) Use Set-AzureResource PS Cmdlet to change properties of
30) You need to enable VM extensions checkbox while provisioning a new VM.
31) Select-zureSubscription -SubscriptionName "NAME" -Current  ->to set current subscription.
32) Web Jobs Path in Azure:
Where JobType could be continuous or triggered.

Hope these notes will help you pass the test! drop me a line if you have any suggestions!

All my best wishes!

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